Lazarenko Wilson's Odyssey

Hello, Interested Parties!

I hope the initial form of contact has piqued your interest enough to come and visit this page. If so, thanks for taking time to visit.

We made a game called Lazarenko Wilson which is a relatively simple puzzle shooter - you can find it on the main page of this website but here is a gif of it in action:


I've got a soft spot for it so I keep coming back to it and I've made some extra themes. But, it occured to me, wouldn't it be awesome to get lots of artists with different styles involved. Perhaps as a showcase for someone who wants to get into games, perhaps as another marketing avenue for an existing/new game, or perhaps just a bit of creative fun.

My idea is that each theme is added to the game and accessed via an IAP on the mobile version. £1.99 (or equivalent) seems like a reasonable starting price point. And 50-50 would seem like a reasonable revenue split (after any platform holder takings).

What is required?

As the game is relatively simple, there are only a relatively small number of assets that need to be created.

Here are 2 example themes that cover all the available layers:

So, if we move through the layers from the back to the front, then the following sprites would be needed to create a theme:

There is a sprite which can either be a flat colour or a gradient. But if you want something different then there is freedom to do so.

Sun / Moon
You can have something in the sky. Maybe a sun, maybe a moon, maybe a pumpkin with a face on it. Maybe a baby's face on a sun ... no, that's ridiculous.

Clouds slowly float across the sky. There is an array so you can produce lots of variations here.

Particles in the sky. In the original there were floating cubes but it could be snow or rain or whatever. If the sprite is provided then I can create the particle system.

Background Objects
In the original I have a variety of pyramid silhouettes. In the noir theme I have made large clouds that scroll along the floor. There are 3 layers to produce a parallax effect.

Game Layer
This holds the player character and the blocks falling from the sky. I didn't consider changing these so the gameplay is always consistent and recognisable but I'm sure I could change it if you really wanted.

Foreground Objects
A variety of sprites pulled from an array that whip past in the foreground. There was nothing in the original theme but you can see some trees added into the new noir theme.

Title and Results Screen
I don't really want to spend too much time changing things on these screens so I try to re-use the dust effect and cloud sprites to add some movement. Then I change the colours to match the new art going into the game so the style matches.

And, that is pretty much it. So you could get away with just producing 6 static sprites but you could also produce lots of variants and animated sprites if you wanted. It's entirely up to you.

What next?

I'm sure there will be some discussion on price points and what not but I just wanted to get a first-pass of the information out there to start the ball rolling.

If you like all this and want to get involved then either get in touch with us using any of the options on the home page of the website - Twitter, email, Discord, etc.